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Index to Public Lands News of December 7, 2018

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* ZINKE AND GRIJALVA GO NUCLEAR.  Secretary says Grijalva, incoming chairman of oversight committee, drinks too much.  Grijalva said Zinke should resign because of personal and professional improprieties.

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* HILL NEGOTIATORS MAY DUMP FIRE PROVISIONS.  Tentative agreement on Farm Bill said to leave out most House hazardous fuels projects items.

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* LAME-DUCK SESSION HAS TWO MORE WEEKS.  Congress takes a break to honor President George H.W. Bush and put off laundry list of legislation.

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* USGS SEES BIG PUBLIC LANDS CLIMATE IMPACT.  Fed lands contribute to nearly a quarter of GHGs domestically.  Eclipsed by larger climate report.

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* ALASKA PANEL PUSHES FS ROADLESS USES.  Governor’s advisory committee calls for increased access to timber, transportation, minerals in rule.

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* INTERIM SPENDING BILL BUYS TIME.  Measure keeps government going until December 21.  Wall disagreements, Bush death defer immediate action.

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* CRITICS SEEK TO BLOCK ENERGY ROYALTY MEET.  Ask court to prevent meeting because of nonpublic discussions.  Part of charges of bias in panel.

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* ENERGY BILLS BARELY ALIVE ON HILL.  AS TIME RUNS OUT.  Senate has a big, comprehensive bill, the House several small ones.  Last GOP shot?

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