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Index to Public Lands News of June 15, 2018

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* SENATE PANEL OKAYS RIDERLESS MONEY BILL.  Well, almost riderless, compared to measure approved by House committee.  Senate committee includes extra $900M for emergency wildfires.  House panel rejects Dems’ attacks.

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* FASTER O&G APPROVALS GIVEN SUPPORT.  By House GOP, by royalty committee and, most important, by BLM in form of memo pushing quick actions.

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* BIG FED REORGANIZATION NEARS.  Always a chance OMB will seek to move FS to DoI. Meanwhile, Zinke is trying to transfer troops to the field.

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* SENATE FARM BILL LESS CONTENTIOUS.  Than House in forest policies.  Does not promote hazardous fuels CXs, exempt Alaska from roadless rule.

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* SENATE GOING EASY ON DOD PROVISIONS.  Unlike House would not yet set mining permit deadlines, speed DoD withdrawals and ban sage-grouse listing.

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* COURT MAINTAINS STAY OF METHANE RULE.  Appeals panel agrees with O&G industry, for now.  But Tenth Circuit keeps lawsuit alive, for now.

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* ANWR STILL ON FAST TRACK; DEMS DISAGREE.  BLM does not extend EIS scoping period, keeps ball rolling.  Dems fail to block in approps bill.

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