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Index to Public Lands News of July 13, 2018

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* ‘COMPROMISE’ BILL WOULD USE ENERGY MONEY TO FIX PARKS.  DoI endorses bill to use existing (not new) energy revenues for NPS maintenance.

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* HOUSE READIES FOR PUBLIC LANDS MONEY BILL.  May come up next week.  Would give critics an opportunity to attack environmental restrictions.

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* TRUMP PARDONS HAMMONDS ON ARSON CHARGE.  Their sentence led to Malheur occupation in 2016.  Rep. Walden said prison sentence was extreme.

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* BISHOP GIVEN MAJOR ROLE IN DOD BILL.  In House-Senate conference.  Will allow him to boost mining permit, sage-grouse, withdrawal provisos.

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* FARM BILL READY FOR CONFAB, MINUS COTTONWOOD.  House bill includes several wildfire provisions, but no house addresses Cottonwood decision.

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* BARRASSO ADVOCATES ESA RECOVERY REFORMS.  Proposes legislation to give states more say.  He says listing, consultation not only problems.

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* SEN. LEE REVIVES FED LAND TRANSFER DEBATE.  Proposes three bills to speed land transfers, curb monuments and expand uses of fed lands.

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* WESTERN GOVERNORS WARM TO BLM METHANE RULE.  Say it is an important issue.  But governors also insist that states should play important role.

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* HOUSE PANEL ADDS FIFTH PRO-ENERGY BILL.  Approves measure to allocate energy revenues to education.  Other four bills would speed APDs.

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