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Index to Public Lands News of September 22, 2017

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* ZINKE MONUMENT REPORT CIRCULATED.  Calls for a decrease in size of four western monuments and an increase in consumptive uses in others.

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* COURT TIES CLIMATE CHANGE TO COAL LEASING.  Appeals panel says BLM can’t argue that leasing/no leasing climate impacts are the same.

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* INTERIOR MOVES TOWARD ANWR O&G DEVELOPMENT.  Lays groundwork for exploration program in coastal plain.  Legality debated by state, greens.

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* HILL APPROVES WILDFIRE PAYBACK.  Emergency spending bill is projected to compensate FS, DoI with $300M for FY 2017 costs.  Damage is done.

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* HOUSE APPROVES INTERIOR, FS MONEY BILL.  Loads it up with amendments to encourage energy development, limit ESA sweep.  Long way to go.

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* FIVE ESA BILLS ON HOUSE PANEL’S AGENDA.  Together they would revise law substantially by involving states early, limiting lawsuit awards.

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* TWO DOI NOMINEES SEEM UNSCATHED.  Senate Energy Committee approves Nelson and Balash with overwhelming support.  Seen as help to Zinke.

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* HOUSE APPROVES BAN ON METHANE RULES.  In FY 2017 Interior approps bill it includes amendments to shut off money for BLM and EPA rules.

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* SMALL AND BIG UTAH O&G SALES CRITICIZED.  Small sale last week hit for impact on sage-grouse.  Big December sale hit for wild area impact.

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