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Index to Public Lands News of August 2, 2019

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* UTAH BLM REDOING O&G LEASE SALE NEPA WORK.  Faced with lawsuits charging that DNAs are inadequate in complying with NEPA before sales.  Bureau suspended 138 leases across 204,000 acres in San Rafael country.

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* DOI MAY GET BLM MOVE ROLLING QUICKLY.  Dems will attempt to block move in FY 2020, but may be late because DoI has $5.6 million on hand now.

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* BLM NEVADA HOLDS ANOTHER BIG O&G SALE.  And once again receives few competitive bids, setting up ‘speculative’ noncompetitive sale.

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* BLM COMPLETES BEARS EARS PLANS, TO COMPLAINTS.  Enviros, Natives and sportsmen object to plans for reduced monument.  Legality question.

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* CONGRESS NEARS OKAY OF BUDGET WITH DOMESTIC CAP.  Senate vote last hurdle. Would open the way for individual money bills.  Rider fights left.

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* PACKED FALL ADMINISTRATIVE AGENDA.  First up is moving BLM out of town.  On table are truncated FS EIS procedure, hard rock mining policy.

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* LIMITED FALL HILL AGENDA.  Political gridlock limits both parties’ bills, but measure to use energy money for agency maintenance may move.

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