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Index to Public Lands News of January 18, 2019

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* APPROPRIATIONS PICTURE STILL CLOUDY.  Dems keep bringing up spending proposals that the Senate won’t accept, including a stand-alone DoI money bill.  Dems offered interim CRs this week, to no avail.

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* CLOSURE PRODUCES HARD FEELINGS.  Dems and environmentalists object to continued operations during closure, including O&G APDs and use of park fee money for operations.  Utahns ask for exemption for parks.

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* TRUMP WILDFIRE POLICY UPS TIMBER SALES.  Would increase fiscal year 2019 goals for FS and BLM by 800 mmbf.  Also targets hazardous fuels.

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* BLM O&G OPERATIONS CONTINUE WITH FEES.  Because APD permitting uses non-appropriated user fees, BLM can pay employees to process permits.

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* OMNIBUS LANDS BILL REAPPEARS ON HILL.  Contains more than 100 individual bills, including LWCF renewal.  Senate committed to early action.

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*  DOI IG QUESTIONS SMALL MINER PROGRAM.  Says it’s not clear if BLM is ensuring that miners with fee exemptions are doing assessment work.

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* HOUSE DEMS REVISE LAND SALES RULE.  Would require offsets for assets transferred under disposals, reversing GOP rule of last Congress.

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