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Index to Public Lands News of July 14, 2017

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* HOUSE PANEL WOULD REDUCE SPENDING.  In Interior bill by $824 million.  Still, that’s significantly less than the $4.3B chop requested by Trump.  Land management, fire fighting both lower.  Big wolf amendment in.

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* GREENS SAY BLM ALSO MAY NOT DELAY METHANE REG.  A week after a court said EPA may not delay implementation, enviros take BLM rule to court.

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* ZINKE WOULD ACCELERATE APD REVIEWS.  And lock in quarterly sales.  But critics could trip up attempts to speed because of mandatory NEPA and ESA reviews.

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* OUTDOOR INDUSTRY FIRES MONUMENTS WARNING SHOT.  Pulls annual conference out of Utah because of monument criticism as comment period ends.

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* SENATE MAY MOVE QUICKLY ON ENERGY BILL.  McConnell puts it on agenda.  However, health bill, nominations expected to have priority.

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* ZINKE CONSIDERS NEW BLM PLANNING RULE.  Asks public comment on possible rule to replace Obama 2.0 rule that Congress wiped out with CRA.

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* FIRES FLARE, PUTTING HEAT ON CONGRESS.  NIFC counts 47 major fires, expects lots more.  Could spur fire borrowing and put Hill on spot.

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* ANOTHER TRIAL OF BUNDY ALLIES UNDERWAY.  Second-tier supporters of rancher in Nevada standoff now in court.  Bundy trial expected in fall.

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