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Index to Public Lands News of May 18, 2018

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* HOUSE PANEL MAINTAINS FY 2019 SPENDING.  Approves approps bill with about same money as last year.  Usual sage-grouse, wolf riders included.

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* GOP MAY APPLY CRA TO OLD RULES, ALSO.  Conventional wisdom says reg reversal law applies to new rules.  New wrinkle suggests otherwise.

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* UDALL FRETS ABOUT FY 2018 RESCISSIONS.  Suggests Zinke is sitting on huge spending increase in anticipation Congress will rescind hikes.

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* FEDS MAY COME UP SHORT ON FIRE MONEY.  Despite wildfire ‘fix,’ FS says it may have to borrow from line spending this year because of Outlook.

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* BIG SOUTHERN UTAH LAND BILL SUPPORTED.  Would protect more than 1 million acres in Emery County.  Key Dem backs, but enviros say falls short.

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* BLM LAW ENFORCEMENT MAY BE HEADED WEST.  Steed tells Senate panel at hearing critical of BLM and FS police.  Lee favors local delegation.

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* ZINKE WILL CONSULT ON REORGANIZATION.  He repeats his promise to the House to the Senate.  Dems skeptical about the efficacy of Zinke plan.

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* GOP WANTS BIG WITHDRAWALS REVOKED.  House Western Caucus chimes in and focuses on Grand Canyon, Boundary Waters and Oregon withdrawals.

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* HOUSE ALSO GETS MINE LAW REFORM BILL.  But GOP has upper hand in preventing action on.  Grijalva bill would set 12.5% new royalty, 8% existing.

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* HOUSE APPROPRIATORS ADDRESS SAGE-GROUSE TWICE.  Would forbid listing in DoD and Interior bills.  However, big action is in revising 98 plans.

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