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Index to Public Lands News of October 12, 2018

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* GREENS ALSO SUE BLM OVER METHANE REGS.  Like California and New Mexico they contend not all costs were counted and that NEPA was flawed.

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* GRAND CANYON WITHDRAWAL TO STAND, FOR NOW.  Supreme Court refuses to take up Circuit ruling.  Miners believe FLPMA provision is illegal.

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* FS WOULD EASE SAGE-GROUSE PLAN.  By eliminating high-priority focal areas on over 5 million acres.  BLM would do same for 15 million acres.

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* HOUSE ESA REWRITE PROVISIONS FACE TOUGH SLOG.  As passed by committee, nine bills must move through the House and gain Senate acceptance.

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* TWO SENATE LANDS BILLS MAY LEAD OMNIBUS.  Rep. Bishop sees fed agency maintenance bill and LWCF bill as prime candidates for package.

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* FIRST OIL PRODUCTION SEEN IN NPRA.  ConocoPhillips says GMT1 is on line.  Second GMT2 project still waiting BLM go-ahead.  Big sale awaited.

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* GREENS SAY UINTA O&G SALES LACKING.  New lawsuit faults clean air environmental impact assessments of sales in Utah and Colorado.

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* CR KEEPS AGENCIES ALIVE INTO DECEMBER.  Temporary spending measure signed into law.  Same old riders/amendments problems face appropriators.

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vFARM BILL WITH WILDFIRE PROVISIONS LAGS.  Congress lets old Farm Bill expire.  Possibility Hill won’t address until the next Congress.

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* DEMS ASK ZINKE TO HALT MONUMENT PLANS.  Sixty-one House members say the questionable legality of shrinking monuments should defer plans.

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