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Index to Public Lands News of November 17, 2017

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* SENATE COMMITTEE APPROVES ANWR LEASING.  Endorses O&G development in a close vote.  Senate floor may be more difficult.  CBO backs Murkowski estimate of $1.1B in revenues.  First sale of 400,000-plus acres.

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* ANOTHER ATTEMPT NEARS TO END FIRE BORROWING.  Twenty-eight Senate Dems see upcoming disaster bill as logical vehicle to resolve problem.

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* AGENCIES, HILL WORKING TO END WITHDRAWALS.  GOP recommends revocation of Grand Canyon withdrawal, along with sage-grouse, river withdrawals.

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* DEMS GET THE JUMP ON METHANE COMMENTS.  House and Senate members say DoI should keep BLM rule.  But industry says DoI or courts will revoke.

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* HOUSE COMMITTEE APPROVES STATE O&G POWERS.  Would allow states to both decide on permits and manage operations.  Paired with OCS openings.

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* WAY OPENED FOR ACTION ON SAGE-GROUSE PLANS.  With 15 field hearings over BLM can turn its attention to making changes that Zinke suggested.

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* ENVIROS PUSH FOR PUBLIC LANDS RETENTION.  Even though FLPMA says that is the law greens want DoI to write a rule to make doubly certain.

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* ESA BILLS DELAYED IN HOUSE.  As big tax bill eats up all the oxygen.  Measures may be the forerunner of major changes in the law.

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