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Index to Public Lands News of April 20, 2018

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* FARM BILL INCLUDES MAJOR FOREST PROVISIONS.  Would extend categorical exclusions to dozens of projects and authorize roadless actions.

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* ZINKE SAYS HE WILL CONSULT ON REORGANIZATION.  In sweeping House hearing he says he will talk to all interests.  Addresses other issues.

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* EISS TO BE HASTENED IN NEW TRUMP POLICY.  As part of infrastructure plan.  All departments pledge to rule on projects with EISs in two years.

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* GAO SEES HEIGHTENED RISK FROM COAL BONDS.  Questions practice of self-bonding.  Dems jump on report to demand OSM act to end practice.

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* ZINKE: ENERGY NOT PART OF MONUMENT DECISIONS.  Says he did not consider oil and gas and uranium in recommendations to shrink Utah sites.

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* ENVIROS SEEK BLM METHANE RULE RESTORATION.  Notify Tenth Circuit they will file suit to overcome judge order to block.  Third court to act.

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* DOI IG FAULTS ZINKE NEVADA FLIGHT.  Says DoI should not have paid $12,375 for flight because it was not department-related.  Dems attack.

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* ZINKE SUGGESTS WILD HORSE POLICIES.  Raises possibility of moving excess to Indian lands.  Promotes birth control.  Euthanization in budget.

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* LOTS OF OBSTACLES IN FRONT OF TRUMP WALL.  Congress not playing ball. Lawsuits cranked up.  Still, Trump has court opinion on his side.

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