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Index to Public Lands News of September 14, 2018

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* OIL AND GAS SALES SET RECORDS.  New Mexico sale yields $1 billion.  Utah sale is somewhat less productive.  More coming in December.  But greens, sportsmen and some politicians worry about environmental impacts.

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* EPA MOVES TO EASE METHANE RULES.  Proposes regs that would reverse or revise Obama rules for operators.  BLM final rule also expected.

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* APPROPRIATIONS CONFEREES MEETING.  An attempt by Congress to move spending bills on time.  But Trump veto threats may stymie the legislation.

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* WILDFIRE DEBATE BEGINS IN FARM BILL CONFAB.  Crucial senators mum thus far on House wildfire provisions.  House participants open up.

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* IBLA BROUGHT TO A HALT BY LUCIA DECISION.  Supreme Court decision spurs debate about process used to select administrative law judges.

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* ALASKA SETTING UP FS ROADLESS PANEL.  To advise on looming FS action to craft a roadless rule for the state separate from national rule.

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* SENATORS WORKING ON SRS EXTENSION.  Crapo and Wyden supposedly backing plan again to make program permanent.  House Dems promote PILT.

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* BLM MOVING SWIFTLY ON NPRA O&G PROJECT.  Completes EIS on Mooses Tooth 2 proposal.  Part of big ConocoPhillips plan to help fill pipeline.

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