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Index to Public Lands News of July 12, 2019

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* BLM PROPOSES MANY MILES OF FIREBREAKS.  In open range of western states to retard wildfires.  Critics say it will just create flammable grasses.  FS is concentrating on hazardous fuels partnership in timberlands.

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* USUAL POWER DISPUTE DELAYING APPROPS BILLS.  White House and Hill leaders don’t agree on budget deal yet.  Mnuchin suggests 2019 extension.

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* DOI CRANKS UP COAL PROGRAM, DESPITE HURDLES.  Takes four actions in the West on lease extensions and mining plans.  Lawsuits compromise.

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* LITIGATION AIMED AT ROADLESS AREA COAL MINE.  Enviros seek to block West Elk Mine extension in Colorado.  Object to mine plan okayed by OSM.

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* EARTHJUSTICE RAMPS UP DOI FOI DISPUTE.  On top of request to IG for investigation of politicizing, it asks court for FOI policy backup.

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* ENVIROS ASK COURT TO ORDER NEW GRIZZLY PLAN.  Seek recovery policy that could lead to introduction of bears into new areas of the West.

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* DEMS MAKE OWN INTERPRETATION OF GAO ROYALTY REPORT.  Review simply analyzes agency procedures in collections.  Dems see higher royalty need.

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* ADMINISTRATION SIGNALS WILDERNESS RESISTANCE.  In House hearings on several bills BLM and FS fault Calif. and Colo. proposals for new areas.

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