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Index to Public Lands News of August 3, 2018

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* FS PROJECTS WILDFIRE SHORTAGE OF $555 MILLION.  In FY 2018 emergency aid.  Perdue notifies Hill of shortage.  Congress put up an extra $500 million, but that’s not enough.  Horrific season hits before ‘fix’ kicks in.

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* INFRASTRUCTURE BILL A ROUTE FOR ESA, NEPA REWRITE?  Draft House bill now on table.  Possible target for numerous ESA and NEPA revisions.

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* AS PROMISED, SENATE PASSES RIDERLESS MONEY BILL.  Well, relatively few, compared to House-passed bill.  Trump Wall demands threaten bill.

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* SENATE, HOUSE FAIRLY CLOSE ON MONEY IN BILLS.  In contrast to wide gap on riders.  Senate approves measure with $900M extra for wildfires.

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* SENATE GIVES DOD BILL FINAL APPROVAL.  Conferees dropped House provisions on sage-grouse, critical minerals and speedy military withdrawals.

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* FARM BILL FUTURE IN CONFERENCE UNCLEAR.  House and Senate approved quite different bills, including on wildfire.  Conference is delayed.

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* COMPETING AGENCY MAINTENANCE BILLS ON DECK.  At least four proposals would tap energy revenues to spruce up lands.  Vary on agencies affected.

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* FLOOD OF PUBLIC LANDS BILLS INTRODUCED.  When that happens, an omnibus bill is sometimes close behind.  Finding engine to pull train not easy.

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