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Index to Public Lands News of November 8, 2019

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* CONGRESS FINALLY MOVING ON APPROPS.  BROAD disagreements between House and Senate on money and riders suggest difficult conference.  Federal shutdown maybe.  Near agreement on BLM move, wild horses and Chaco.

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* HOUSE APPROVES THREE BIG ENERGY BILLS; THE SENATE?  Bills would bar O&G leasing near Chaco, withdraw 1 million acres near Grand Canyon, and withdraw Thompson Divide from O&G leasing.  Senate unlikely to act.

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* HILL NEARS WILD HORSE AGREEMENT.  With Senate approval of approps bill.  Both House and Senate would launch pilot program to reduce numbers.

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* FIRE ‘FIX’ MAY BE TRIGGERED IN TIME TO HELP.  As FY 2020 fire season gets off to destructive start, Congress moves to approve emergency fix.

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* DOI BACKS OFF FROM FOIA RESTRICTIONS.  Final rule will not require applicants to identify precisely documents that they are seeking.

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* SAGE-GROUSE INJUNCTION HITS O&G SALES.  Nevada BLM pulls 332,000 acres from next week’s sale.  Enviros extend O&G attacks to California.

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* BLM RETIREES CAMPAIGN TO BLOCK HQ MOVE.  Start fundraising campaign so they can lobby against DoI plan to move 500 employees to the West.

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