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Public Lands News to end

December 6, 2019: From Jim Coffin, Publisher. 


I am both pleased and saddened to announce that effective January 1, 2020, Public Lands News will be acquired by E&E News and I will no longer publish the biweekly newsletter. I am pleased because, as a Public Lands News subscriber, you now will have access to E&E News' daily, in-depth public lands and natural resources coverage for the remainder of your contract.


If you are not familiar with E&E News, it is the leading provider of essential news to energy and environment professionals. They offer five daily publications that deliver original and compelling journalism that keeps top decision makers in government, business, NGOs and academia informed and ahead of the curve on policy, business, politics and science.


With more than 65 reporters and editors (including nine reporters dedicated to natural resources), E&E News offers an in-depth look at energy and environment issues in Washington, D.C., and around the nation. They also have bureaus in Denver, Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, New York City, Seattle, Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.


I am also pleased that I can retire knowing my subscribers will still have access to the critical information on public lands that I have reported on over the past 44 years.


I am of course saddened because writing Public Lands News has been my life’s work.  I will make a more personal, more detailed statement next week.


Thank you for your readership. If you have any questions about this transition, please contact us.  E&E News will be reaching out in January with details about access to their publications.


Again, my heartfelt thanks,

Jim Coffin, Publisher

Index to Public Lands News of December 6, 2019

Index to the current issue:

* COURT ENDORSES O&C TIMBER SALES.  Judge rules that O&C Act requires plans to make lands available for timber harvest.  He also rules that Obama erred in adding O&C lands to monument.  More than 2M acres at issue.

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* APPROPS BILLS STILL STALLED, BUT.  Appropriators say they have reached agreement on spending caps for individual bills.  As usual Congress can’t agree on how much money to appropriate for President’s Wall.

Page 3

* BLM REWRITES RMPS WITH CLIMATE ANALYSIS.  Per bidding of court.  Bureau reduces acreage available for coal lease in Buffalo, Miles areas.

Page 6

* DEM SENATORS ENTER FIGHT OVER RS 2477 ROW.  Object to proposal to use recordable disclaimer of interest to get around court approval.

Page 7

* BLM BEGINS WRITING NEW NPRA PLAN.  Alaskans expect BLM will open more of NPRA to O&G leasing.   Two alternatives target Teshekpuk Lake.

Page 9

* ENVIROS REVIVE ESA LISTING DEMANDS.  Follow up on 2011 proposal that asked for listing of hundreds of species.  254 mentioned this time.

Page 10

* DEM PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES TOUGH ON FOSSIL FUELS.  In varying degrees they all object to additional leasing on public lands, fracking.

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