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Index to Public Lands News of February 15, 2019

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* SENATE HANDILY APPROVES OMNIBUS BILL.  Rejects Lee amendment seeking limits on monument authority.  More than 100 bills wrapped in one, led by LWCF reauthorization.  Leaders may welcome in House committee.

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* FINAL APPROPS BILL TEETERS ON THE EDGE.  Appropriators agree on border security deal, which could free Interior money.  Trump wavering.

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* O&G SALES IN WESTERN STATES SET FOR MARCH.  Despite the shutdown and complaints from critics.  BLM does withhold tracts near Chaco.

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* HOUSE DEMS WOULD PROTECT MONUMENTS.  Introduce bill that would lock in broad acreages for existing sites, forbid Presidential reductions.

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* BERNHARDT CHOICE AT DOI DRAWS CRITICISM.  Bernhardt is kind of a safe nominee because Senate confirmed him once.  But long knives are out.

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* ANWR O&G LEASING FACES COMPLICATIONS.  Seismic testing canceled for this winter.  Dems introduce bill to block.  Leasing is still on track.

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* ENVIROS WANT TO COMMENT ON UTAH ROADLESS PLAN.  Before petition is sent to FS, rather than wait and comment on EIS.  Utah did hold hearings.

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* SENATORS FRET ABOUT SRS PAYMENTS OLD, NEW.  Want FY 2018 allocation ASAP.  Introduce bill to extend county payments program into FY 2019.

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