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Index to Public Lands News of May 19, 2017

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* LATE APPROPS REQUEST PUTS HILL UNDER GUN.  FY 2018 budget expected on 23rd.  Will post reduction details.  Appropriators must move fast.

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* DOI HALTS ADVISORY PANELS, EXPLANATION ASKED.  More than 200 groups shut down, including 38 BLM RACs.  Zinke starting over.  Dems are upset.

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* SOME CRITICISM OF DOI NUMBER TWO.  Cantwell posts objections to Bernhardt at Interior.  A few names circulated for NPS boss, little elsewhere.

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* SENATE VOTE LEAVES METHANE RULE IN PLACE.  CRA resolution to revoke rule fails in 51-to-49 vote.  Rule critics turn to courts, DoI review.

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* MONUMENTS REVIEW INPUT IMMEDIATE.  Critics, backers of Obama actions in Utah offer early input.  May 26 deadline.  Zinke takes a tour.

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* DOI LEADS FIGHT AGAINST ENERGY RULES.  Now that Congress has not acted on resolutions to repeal them.  Could be a long, hard admin slog.

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* CONSERVATIVES ENTER CRA LAWSUIT.  Pacific Legal taking on enviro lawsuit on law unconstitutionality.  Says resolution enactment proves it.

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* API OFFERS COMPLEX POSITION ON ROYALTY RULE.  Although it backs repeal of rule, API says it accepts central tenet of indexing, sometimes        Page 14

* IBLA decisions.

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